Friday, September 16, 2016

Magic of Meditation

Recently, I have been reading on Meditation, the reason being these days my mind is full of different thoughts, they are from different category,  and they all mix up and I think a lot
I know everybody experiences this at my age, there are so many things we need to take care of,
  • Utility bills like electricity, telephone, cylinder etc.
  • EMI payment on time
  • Office deadlines
  • Personal deadlines
  • Relation matters
  • Family matters
  • Friends matters
  • missleneous issues ( whats happening with govt, Indian cricket team, politics, current affairs etc. )
So many things... the mind is always working, even when we sleep its dreaming...
so I thought how can we help it to relax.
I'm a strong believer of this.. and I have experienced this too, Meditation is the way to relax your mind, to separate unwanted clutter from creative thoughts, self improving thoughts..
so I wanted to share few things I studied today, may be its not new to you,. but there might be few like me to whom it is new and useful.

What is alpha meditation?

The cells in the brain or neurons use electricity to communicate with each other. This can be measured and are called brainwaves and measured in Hertz units.
There are 5 main frequencies of brain waves that can be identified:
  •  Gamma
  •  Beta
  •  Alpha
  •  Theta
  •  Delta
Each frequency of brainwave can be connected to a specific state of consciousness. When we are examining meditation, Alpha and Theta brainwaves are the most prevalent and important.
Alpha waves are what we experience when we are daydreaming or in a very relaxed state.
They are seen as the bridge between the subconscious and conscious mind and can lead to deeper levels of health, happiness, creativity and success.
This is where we find inspiration supplied by our sub consciousness, where our creativity and sudden insights comes from. Meditation and Alpha brainwaves can be used to unlock solutions for issues that you will not find in your conscious state.

How to do Alpha Meditation... in next article. 
I'm learning this too... we will learn together.. :)

Friday, September 9, 2016

OMG!!... what to say... feeling so excited!!!
I'm writing here after I think  3 years!!????
Im loving this..
Right now nothing is coming to my mind... apart from happiness...
as If I have found my lost love...
Yes writing is my love!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you God!!!

I know Im sounding crazy!!
The blog was there already... but I could not open and write in to it...
was so tied up with work!!!
but now I will surely be regular!!

So what should I write today about??
hmm... an interesting observation!!
These days creating a different spelling of a word is style!!

Yesterday I saw a spelling mistake in name of a saloon..
but it kept me wondering..
was it a mistake or a style?? :)

so these days anyone can coolly hide their mistake in name of style and fashion...
if u make mistake in cutting or stitching cloth, it becomes fashion...
if barber makes mistake it becomes a new hair style.. :)

so.. you get to learn from your mistake...
or we can say... mistake is step to innovation!!!

That's it for today!!
with that thought I would sign out!!

Be in Touch!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Time Travel - In Reality!!!

Wow what a news to start my day today. The news that caught my eyes today "Time travel possible but only to the future: English physicist"
It took me into the whole new world!!! I know it is my world of imagination and not new to me but it has included a lot of new possibilities in it!!!
Fiction stories based on time travel can now turn to be true in reality!!!
Hmm but there is one catch... you cannot travel back... only you can travel in future.

Though Im very happy to hear this, Im still wondering how is this possible?
Let me explain my dilema: We travel to places a different place suppose like say today you went to US, but you can travel there because there this place exists and there are people already living present.
Now if you travel to future, say 10yrs from now, how can you travel, does that mean you are already living your future in the future time? But your self is not knowing it? Does the sixth sense come to us from there? and if so, then how many things are we living at a time, I mean Im living my life 5yrs from now is as true as Im living my life from 10 yrs and 20 yrs from now?
So you see Im very very confused... how is this possible..!!!??? and if this is possible then isn't it true that everything is destined?
If today a person in 10th std travels 10 yrs to future he will be suppose a doctor... No I dont want him to be an Engr or in iT... :)
Then without he putting any efforts to become a doctor he can live his future life of being a doc? what does that mean it was his destiny?
After all time travel to future in the present will show us what is our destiny? Only thing is you get to explore the future as your soul travels with you towards the future!! aww... :| Im very disturbed... How will this work... Immediately Im going to google it, once I finish writting this.

This is also showing a ray of hope... to people who commit suicide... lets say
They can now travel to their future... if the future is still same then may be commit suicide!! lets keep that topic aside.. its a very serious topic.. I dont want to get into it... (Should one commit suicide or Is suicide the right option!!)
Or for the people who cannot bear the pain their present is giving, umm... someone fighting a deadly disease?

Actually if it would have been possible to travel back in time I bet everyone of us would love to travel back and relive those childhood moments!!
May be then we could get a second chance to make our first impression.. wow...
We may get a chance to correct our mistakes
We may get a chance to shape our future in better way!!!
We may take things more seriously.. we will never hurt our loved ones again, as we have gone through the pain of may be parting from them...
so many possibilities!!
Hmm but but... this is still not gauranteed and we may have to wait and watch for that day to come.

So time being let us imagine the future!!!

A good Article Im reading: